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2011 02 07 Morla 0.16.1

This is a bug fix release. Morla compiles on linux again. I removed some old gtk flag.

2008 07 30 Morla 0.16

This is a bug fix release:

2008 03 10 Morla 0.15

This is a bug fix release:

2008 01 20 Morla 0.14

This is a bug fix release

2007 07 23 Morla-0.13-1 for Mac OS X

The DMG package 0.13 for Mac OS X doesn't have the bootsplash and other important images. It was because that release was compiled with wrong paths. This release fixes the problem but we haven't a new release of Morla: It is not a bug of Morla but it's only a bug about the DMG package.

2007 07 23 morla 0.13 released!

Morla 0.13 is for MacOSX, GNU/Linux and Win32. For the Windows and Linux users, this release is only a bug fixes release but now the MacOSX users have a new tool for their operating system.

2007 07 16 morla for MacOSX (Intel)

Morla for MacOSX exists! (but it is unstable). A stable release of Morla for MacOSX (based on X11) will be released the next week.

2007 07 04 morla 0.12 and - a lot of news for the morla users

Morla 0.12 is really more powerful than the previous release. These are the principal news of this release:

2007 04 03 morla 0.11 is out!

Morla 0.11 supports CACerts and it uses the lastest libnxml (0.17.1). This release has some new feature about the graphic interface and about the preferences flags. The MORLA vocabulary has the the names of the properties in lower case format.

2006 11 05 morla 0.10.2 supports proxy and http authentications

Morla 0.10.2 is out and, with the last libnxml (0.15), it supports proxies, authentications, SSL client certificates.

2006 10 26 morla 0.10.1 out!

Morla 0.10.1 fixes one big bug of 0.10.1 release and uses the lastest libnxml (0.14).

2006 10 23 morla 0.10 released

Morla 0.10 is full of news! After some bug fixed, the principal news are:

About new features, ideas and bugs, please, visit the morla's bugtrack.

2006 09 21 morla's bugzilla

Today, morla has a Mantis bug Tracker. It's on You can create new issues about desideratas, bugs, and so on a free. Go on!

2006 06 19 morla 0.9 is out!

With Morla 0.9 you can ask informations about any resources and blank nodes and see the explosion of this element until the root rdf:Class and/or owl:Class.

2006 05 23 morla 0.8 is out!

The release 0.8 of Morla project has many news:

2006 05 03 - DublinCore and RDFS property updated

Now, these templates use the vocabulary Morla 0.4 and any inputs have the cardinality value.

2006 04 29 - Morla 0.7 released!

The templates for morla 0.7 support recursivity and cardinalty of inputs. With this release of morla you can use templates more powerful like the new FOAF person, FOAF Image and FOAF Group. In the navigator you can require information about the property of RDF triples.

2006 04 08 - Morla 0.6 released!

Morla Release 0.6 has the gettext support and translation in Italian and English. The source code of morla has not a gtk and glib deprecated elements.

2006 03 23 - Morla 0.5 released!

This release has a new bootsplash, a new about dialog and a little bugfix in the help XSLT+XML parser. Morla 0.5 for win32 is compiled with the last libnxml.

2006 03 16 - Morla 0.4 released!

Morla Release 0.4 is a stable and ready-to-use software. With this release, you can create every type of RDF document uptaking a comfortable online help, a history of last opened documents and a complete and advanced preferences system.

Morla 0.4 is released as well as for windows and GNU/Linux and is fully integrated with both operating systems.

All the help pages is retrieved from the official website; they're written in XML and visualized with XSLT in HTML format. So, it's easy to change or expand every pages.

If you're interested in morla project and you want to help for documentation, templates, coding, testing, write me a feedback via email.

2006 02 16 - Morla 0.3 released (Windows and GNU/Linux version)

The release 0.3 has categories in templates, tooltips in different languages, a new layout for graphs, merging of RDF documents, and so on.

Try this new release and send me feedback, templates, or links to your RDFS vocabulary documents. Any template will be insert into update system of morla.

2006 01 08 - Morla 0.2 released!

Morla is an editor of RDF documents, written in C for the GNU/Linux operating system. It is based on libnxml and librdf libraries. With Morla you can manage more RDF documents simultaneously, visualize graphs and use templates for quick writing.

With Morla you can import RDFS documents and use its content to write new RDF triples. Templates are also RDF documents and they make Morla easily personalizeble and expandable.

You can also use Morla as RDF navigator, wandering among the net knots of the RDF documents present on internet exactly as we are used to do with normal browsers.

Morla is a FreeSoftware project released under license GPL v2.0.

For infos write to baku _at_ morlardf _dot_ net or look at the page support.