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morla source (GNU/Linux)

Current Release: 0.16.1 source code (md5: 944fc4f999b145c74f91f20a5548bb76)
List of the previous releases: here

morla binary (Windows)

Current Relase: 0.16 Windows installer (md5: beadd71483842f4a2a19532e5911a455)
List of the previous releases: here

morla binary (Mac OS X)

Current Relase: 0.13 MacOSX (Intel) (md5: 92854deccade9f47474e23fdf6981427)
List of the previous releases: here



CVS is away to storing and tracking changes in the code between releases. The code in CVS is never guaranteed to work correctly, and if something is obviously broken you should not complain about it, this only slows the development process. However, if you feel a need to be more cutting-edge than necessary, or if you desire to hack on the morla project sources, you should use CVS.

Step 1. Check out the source

Run the following commands in a directory that you have write access to (such as your home dirctory):
cvs login
(Just hit enter for the password)
cvs -z3 co morla

Step 2. Build again

Once yoy have checked the source of the module, run the following commands:
cd morla
./configure --prefix=/usr
If you see any errors here, you haven't installed everything you need.
make install

Step 3. Update the source

When there are changes to morla's code, you will want to update you local copy. Run from the directory morla:
cvs update -dP
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install
The update will merge all the changes into the current files, and the make will rebuild the morla.